I Can Help You Solve Any Spreadsheet Challenge

I have helped hundreds of people worldwide define and solve critical business issues with their data, using highly functional, user-friendly, practical, manageable, and beautiful spreadsheets that make life easier.

As a former banker and business executive, I know how difficult it can be to make critical decisions without insightful data. 

My mission is to enable you to spend less time working on your Excel spreadsheets and more time using these tools to analyze your data and manage your business.  

My Process 

After years of helping managers, entrepreneurs, and analysts harness the power of spreadsheets, I have developed a tried and tested three-step process to ensure you are 100% satisfied:

Step 1. We have a discussion.  Everything starts with a conversation about your spreadsheet problem.  Why do you need the change to your spreadsheet?  What happened that makes it necessary to upgrade your spreadsheet now?  How are you using the Excel spreadsheet, and what business or operations problem are you trying to solve?  What works, what doesn’t work, what do you want to change (and why)?

We will agree on what success looks like – how your spreadsheet will look and function (including the user interface) and how you will use your new spreadsheet.  There is no charge for this step, and if I can fix your problem on a short call, I won’t charge you for my time.  You should not have to pay me to answer your question.

Step 2. I propose a solution.  If necessary, I can create a mockup of the final Excel spreadsheet.  You will know exactly what you will receive and your cost before committing to payment.   I want to minimize your financial risk and maximize your chance of success.  So only if we agree to move forward will you make an initial payment so I can begin the assignment.

Step 3, I deliver the product.  We will closely collaborate during the entire project until you are 100% satisfied that you have the Excel spreadsheet solution to solve your business problem.

I will make any modifications required within the project’s scope, ensuring you understand how the spreadsheet works, training you on how to use the spreadsheet and obtaining your final approval — all before asking you to pay the remaining balance. Of course, if you’re not 100% satisfied, then you will not have to pay the balance due.

I offer unlimited revisions, as long as they are within the original scope of the project and a lifetime of free fixes if there is an error in the Excel spreadsheet.

My Promise

I like helping people with my unique expertise, and I stand by my work. 

After working with me, I promise that you will have an error-free spreadsheet – easy to use, easy to understand – that quickly gives you all the information you need. 

You will be able to focus your attention on managing your business with much less stress and increased effectiveness.  

Let’s Set Up A Time To Talk

I will be honest and upfront if I can help you with your spreadsheet challenges.  If I can fix your issue on a short call, I won’t even charge you.  Click here to contact me.