Excel Financial Models & Forecasts

Sure you can download an Excel spreadsheet template to help you track inventory, manage performance, monitor cash flow, forecast financials, or any other business need….

But your business is unique, and you’ll still need to customize it.

You have very specific needs that require a specific Excel spreadsheet solution.      

Whether you are working for a large enterprise or a one-person operation, you don’t need to spend your precious time building an Excel spreadsheet model. 

I can help you capture the inputs, build the functions and equations, and output your data in a beautiful, easy-to-use, meaningful way.

It takes a combination of financial acumen, business experience, and spreadsheet expertise to create a highly useful, time-saving, and rock-solid accurate financial model in a spreadsheet. If you don’t have the time, expertise, or patience, to build the Excel spreadsheet model you need and deserve, click here to set up a call with me.

Need an Excel Spreadsheet to Track Activity, Manage Operations, or Forecast Financials?

As with any tool, a spreadsheet’s performance is only as good as its design.  

How do I know?  

As a former banker, operations manager, and business consultant, I have built countless financial models. 

I’ve been in your shoes.

I have the expertise to create an Excel spreadsheet that accurately reflects your business model so you can easily analyze past activity, manage current operations or project future growth.

Example Spreadsheets

I will build an Excel spreadsheet designed for your business.  You will be able to understand your data better so you can make critical business decisions with the confidence that comes from being fully informed.

Here are just a few examples of Excel spreadsheet models I have created or upgraded for my clients:

  • Inventory Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Staff Scheduling Spreadsheets
  • Financial Modeling Spreadsheet
  • Revenue Projection Spreadsheet
  • Real Estate Investment Spreadsheet
  • Budget Spreadsheets (personal and organizations)
  • Networking Activity Tracker
  • Sales Tracker Spreadsheet
  • Price Modeling Spreadsheet
  • Portfolio ROI Spreadsheet
  • eBay Sales Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Data Analysis Spreadsheet
  • Case Management Spreadsheet
  • Damaged Inventory Spreadsheet
  • Any spreadsheet you can dream up!

How We Will Work Together

Your success is my goal, and to that end, I have created a process where you only pay if you are 100% satisfied.

First, we will discuss your current situation, business, and objective. I want to deeply understand what is and isn’t working, what needs to change (and why), and what success looks like — including format, users, functions, data in and out, the time required, and the organizational process behind the spreadsheet and data. There is no charge for this step.

Second, I will propose a solution, which can include a mockup of the final product, so you know exactly what you will receive before you commit to payment. I will give you an estimate of the total cost, and if you agree to move forward, only then will you make a deposit. You minimize your financial risk and maximize your chance of success.

Third, I will deliver your spreadsheet tool, collaborating with you as needed to ensure you are 100% satisfied that it will solve your business problem.

Finally, I will train you on how to use the spreadsheet, explain all the parts, make any requested changes, and obtain your final approval — all before you pay the remaining balance. 

If you’re not 100% satisfied, you don’t pay the balance.

Get The Numbers You Need, At Your Fingertips 

A rock-solid, easy-to-use spreadsheet can give you the confidence to track your business, delivering accurate, reliable inventory, sales, budget, employee, or financial data – the data you need to manage and grow with confidence.

The final Excel spreadsheet will be your work product, a tool you can use to focus on using your data to manage your business instead of managing a spreadsheet.

“Bruce was ultra-responsive, highly professional, and delivered well beyond my expectations.  It’s always a risk when outsourcing but I can’t highly recommend Bruce enough and will engage his services again in the near future.”   Drakes Sutton

“As a first time founder and CEO it was a blessing to work with Bruce on my financial model – he was able to simplify my template into something that I am able to operate by myself. He was also great to talk with in general and provided some great insights beyond the spreadsheet.  Thanks Bruce!”   Lynnette A.

Let’s Talk

Do you need a spreadsheet to track activity, manage operations, forecast growth or any other purpose? 

No matter your business or data challenge, I can help you build an Excel spreadsheet-based financial model that is easy to use and delivers data you can trust.

Contact me.  I will be straight with you and let you know if I can help.