– Data Reporting Repair and Optimization

Our team works closely with you to understand your data processes and create better solutions. We review and improve these systems to make sure the data is correct, dependable, and easy to access. Our goal is to help you quickly get the reports you need so you can make critical decisions with confidence.  Our main focus is making your entire data reporting process simpler so you can always get the information you need quickly.

– Profit Performance Repair & Management

We dive deep into how your business operates, pinpointing the inefficiencies that bleed your bottom line. We don’t just look at the numbers; we scrutinize your processes and workflows to uncover hidden opportunities for genuine, sustainable profit growth. Let us help you transform inefficiency into profitability, unlocking the potential of your operations and so your profits can soar.

– Strategic Profit Optimization For Investment Or Exit

Improving efficiencies and boosting profit margins increases the value of your company.  You will be more attractive to potential investors and buyers, enhancing your ability to attract financing on more favorable terms or to command a higher price for your business when it is time to sell.

How We Work

At Kaufmann Financial Consulting our focus is on understanding before any undertaking. We listen, create options and meet our clients where they are at using our Kaufmann process framework. The key steps are below.

The Kaufmann Process


We have a discovery call to asses your needs


We diagnose your challenges, needs and opportunities


We co-create a prescription with you that will meet your needs and remove your blocks


We create a milestone driven roadmap using the Kaufmann process (see image)


We implement and manage your action plan

Outcomes We Achieve

The outcomes we achieve fall in to five categories.

  1. Stop profit leaks.
  2. Designing new systems or processes to ensure profit security and metric awareness.
  3. Implementing improved systems with your team.
  4. Optimizing the new systems or processes to maximize previously hidden grwoth opportunities.
  5. Supporting leadership to enable new scaling efforts and profit driven investment.

Client Results

“Bruce was quick in putting together a proposal, was very detailed, and took the time to clearly understand the project up front before being engaged.  Once engaged, was very quick in carrying out the project.  Had conversation near the end to ensure the right things were being done, then wrapped it up quickly.

Anne H. | Challenge - Financial modelling

“Wow, no seriously, Wow.  Communication and response time were above 150%  Project completion,
ahead of time.  Quality of work, end result, more than 1000% satisfied.  Highly recommended Excel
expert.  Oh, and his explanation videos to help you – over the top!  You will not be disappointed.”

BA Express | Challenge: Documenting Maintenance

“We strongly enjoyed the one-on-one attention that Bruce provided us and his insistence that we are completely satisfied with the final product.  Bruce took the time to make sure he understood precisely what our needs were.  I strongly recommend Bruce be your first choice for your financial modeling needs.“

Robert B. | Challenge - Loan restructuree

“Bruce is hard working, effective and creative.  Wonderful to work with.  I enjoyed the process.  Bruce had an open mind to making changes and was great with his communication.  He really works hard to give you good information and understand your needs. Highly recommended”

Brian Black | Challenge - Investment reporting

Let’s Work Together