Are you frustrated because you do not have the data you need to make critical business decisions?

Hello!  I’m Bruce Kaufmann.  I can help you if you use a spreadsheet to manage your business.

How do I know I can help?  Because it is not about the spreadsheet, is it?

It’s really about the information – the data you need to quickly make critical decisions.

A spreadsheet is only one component of a proper management reporting system.

You need an efficient process for collecting and validating data – before your spreadsheet does any calculations.

You also need a clearly defined objective to be certain you have all the data required for an informed decision.  Otherwise, even with an properly functioning, error-free spreadsheet, you won’t make the best decision for your business.

Here is how we will work together to upgrade your current management reporting system to take your business to the next level:

Review Your Current System​​

      • What are you trying to do?​  What is your goal?

      • What indicators do you use to measure success?

      • How do you use this information to manage your business?​

      • How do you gather data and ensure its accuracy?​

      • What problems are you having?

      • What do you want to change about your current system?

Develop Your Solution

      • What information do you want that you do not have now?​

      • How will you use this information?

      • Who will receive the report?

      • What will the report look like?

      • Who will create the report?

      • What should the user interface look like?​

      • What are the sources of the input data?

Implement, Test & Document

      • Create the plan, including milestones and deliverables.

      • Implement plan, test the system.

      • Correct any errors, make additional modifications if needed.

      • Train the staff, document processes (including instruction video).

This can all happen within a reasonable time, using the software you already own.

Why not call me today and have a discussion to confirm I really can help you create the management reporting system you deserve to make informed decisions about your business?

Thank you for visiting my website.